Be Exceptional at Home

Because You Deserve It!

We owe it to ourselves and the people we love to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Our relationships can only be as full as we are complete in ourselves. When we choose the journey of self-discovery, we give ourselves the gift of living an exceptional life that is aligned with our values, our strengths, and our higher purposes.



Life is short. There is no time to waste being less than your best. Sure, life has kicked your butt. You’ve faced obstacles . . . but that’s good! When approached with a sense of hope, obstacles serve to make us stronger and strengthen our resilience—they only knock us down when we let them.

Dawn Abbott, personal growth guru extraordinaire and founder of Be Exceptional, understands this. She’s been there; she’s lived it. Only when she lost it all did she understand that her attitude and outlook on life are completely in her control. This realization transformed her into a better mother. It allowed her to fully embrace her gifts and become a better human being, an integral part of this world.

Guided by her life experience and commitment to awakening joy, hope, and peace both at home and in the workplace,

Dawn's passion is helping others discover their best selves. She offers personalized coaching services to help individuals like you maximize their personal lives.

Choose to be exceptional, and live a life of ease, not because of its lack of struggle but because of what that struggle teaches you and the new power it creates in you. Sit back and watch as your positive self-actualization bleeds over into all aspects of your home life. What are you waiting for? Don’t waste another moment falling short of your best self.


The Exceptional Trifecta

Exceptional You

Take a journey into the authentic you. You were put on this planet empowered with a unique set of gifts. You’ve gained experiences and influences and developed beliefs and values. Working with Dawn and her proven system of assessments and exercises to get to the core of your self will allow you to determine your vision, your mission, and your true values in life. You will understand the gifts you possess and discover how to align with those gifts.

Exceptional Couples

Relationships take some work, but it’s absolutely worth it. Only when couples establish a greater understanding of each person’s individual differences and strengths can they create a true partnership. Couples can develop a deep and meaningful togetherness where both people get what they want and need—a relationship of respect, admiration, and collaboration instead of competition. With her passion for self-discovery and proven methods of developing people into their best selves, Dawn helps individuals come together in synergistic, iron-clad relationships.


Exceptional Families

Strong couples—made of individuals who know and love themselves and work in unison for the good of each other—create exceptional families. They give their children and those they love a light so they can shine in their own unique beauty. Children learn by example—they do as we do, not as we say. We can tell them how amazing they are, but they will only love themselves as much as we love ourselves. Strong couples create children who thrive and are confident—their ceilings will be their children’s floors. With Dawn’s guidance, couples can achieve this ultimate family dynamic.



Who are you, and who were you created to become?

We tend to live most of life and make decisions by simply going through the motions, without any real intention or purpose.
I’m inviting you to do life differently. To do life exceptionally. I invite you on a journey. A journey of self-discovery and personal growth, into ever-increasing authenticity and self-love.

Ready to get started?

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