Be Exceptional at Work

Why Be Anything Less?

Work is a fundamental aspect of life. It claims the majority of our waking hours. It is a source of pride, or at least it should be. Business had its roots in collective purpose, but somewhere along the way we built giant corporations, and the culture of creative, contributive effort morphed. People became numbers and the goal became to amass as much wealth and power as possible for a select few. Ultimately, we lost the humanity of our minds, bodies, and spirits. The time has come to do it a different way.

It's Time for Exceptional Change


A heart-centered organization creates a culture where all involved are aligned with a set of values and a vision and mission.

Dawn Abbott, professional development guru and founder of Be Exceptional, believes the number-one competitive advantage for organizations in the future will be doing business with heart. A heart-centered organization creates a culture where all involved are aligned with a set of values and a vision and mission—where all involved know themselves, their strengths, and their highest and best use of skills.

They know each other. Team members believe they are relevant, and they believe in making a difference for the greater good. The most effective businesses will innovate and create, and they will value all voices, because more heads are always better than one.

Dawn’s ideal clients are businesses that want to be change agents and create more abundance with less work. Employing her professional experience and commitment to living boldly with passion and purpose both at home and in the workplace, Dawn offers speaking keynotes, workshops and trainings, and coaching services to help improve forward-thinking businesses. Dawn believes prosperous businesses are comprised of cohesive teams, and these teams are assembled from an array of impactful individuals. These basic building blocks lay the foundation for success.


The Exceptional Trifecta

Exceptional You

At the heart of every organization is its people. With Dawn’s direction, all employees or team members will create “Maps of Me,” whereby they will learn who they are at their cores. They will understand what motivates them. They will learn what their fears are and which of the human needs are most important to them. They will learn how to organize their priorities and how to leverage their strengths.

Exceptional Teams

These empowered individuals can now come together to form teams. Together they will create a solid vision, mission, and list of values (or test the ones currently embodied by the organization). Next they will harness the power and self-knowledge of exceptional individuals to create understanding and trust in the group. They will explore the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team model to help team members learn to work together more efficiently and effectively.

A productive, high-functioning, cohesive team:

  • Makes better, faster decisions;
  • Taps into the skills and opinions of all members;
  • Avoids wasting time and energy on politics, confusion, and destructive conflict;
  • Avoids wasting time talking about the wrong issues and revisiting the same topics over and over again because of a lack of buy-in;
  • Creates a competitive advantage; and
  • Is more fun for all!


Exceptional Companies

Now everyone is empowered, engaged, and using their strengths for the highest and best use of their time. Individuals feel relevant and significant. Teams trust each other, have healthy debate and make decisions together, are committed to clear goals, hold each other accountable, and focus on collective results. Now real change is inevitable—change that produces more income, more time, and more meaning.



Who are you, and who were you created to become?

We tend to live most of life and make decisions by simply going through the motions, without any real intention or purpose.
I’m inviting you to do life differently. To do life exceptionally. I invite you on a journey. A journey of self-discovery and personal growth, into ever-increasing authenticity and self-love.

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