Choose to Be Bold

Choose to Be Bold

Choose to Be Authentic

Choose to Be Authentic

Choose to Be Your Best

Choose to Be Your Best

Be Exceptional

What does that mean for you? For Dawn Abbott, personal growth guru and founder of Be Exceptional, it means making the most of yourself and helping those around you be their best. It means taking life’s lemons and making the most spectacular lemonade you’ve ever experienced. It means never simply going through the motions of this ride we call life—especially when you know you have more in you.

Life is short, so don’t waste a minute of it being anything less than exceptional. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to walk in gratitude. It’s time to be authentic. It’s time to embrace your exceptional self. Choose to be exceptional.


Take Action

Dawn’s purpose is to guide you through the process of discovery and self-mastery. Whether you are a CEO, a soccer mom, or a volunteer at a local nonprofit (or anything in between!), you have a tremendous amount to offer this world. You have worth. You can make a difference. Dawn is here to inspire you and guide you to be the best version of you.

Dawn embraces her experiences, lessons, mistakes, and achievements and uses them to make an impact. She offers inspiring keynotes, a variety of workshops and training sessions, and a coaching program for individuals and leaders—to help you awaken joy, hope, and peace at home and in your workplace.



Take your next event, conference, or meeting to a new level. Dawn brings her passion for being exceptional to your team or group with relevant, dynamic keynotes.

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Workshops & Training

Invest in your group or team and master the skill of being exceptional. Dawn offers a variety of impactful workshops and training opportunities.

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Challenge the status quo. Whether for personal or professional development, Dawn offers transformational coaching for individuals and leaders.

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Choose to Be Exceptional

I didn’t come here to be average.
I came here to be exceptional.

Exceptional with myself.
Exceptional with others.
Exceptional in my work life.
Exceptional at home.

A wife. A mother. A leader.

Just as happiness is a choice you can make,
so too is the decision to be exceptional.
—Dawn Abbott

“Informative with a lot of information to digest. It can immediately be put into action, great info”

Alex Gorriaran

"Emotional, simplicty of diagnosing issues and identifying solutions"

Amanda Milano

“Informative, Educational. Attention grabbing.”

Donna DeFrancesco

"Funny, engaging, personal, uplifting"

Kate Edwards

“Her story is inspirational and makes you want to dig deeper into your own story.”

Lisa Bryant

“Eye-opening, truthful, un-apologetic.”

Percy Sales