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Creating Yourself: A Map of Me

Dawn Abbott - Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Map of Me - Changing furniture in a new house, changing jobs, careers, and going on vacation are all exciting, right? But they can be a bit disorienting and we wouldn’t do these things without making a bit of a plan. For vacation we have to decide where we are, how we are going to get there, and what we will do when we get there. To furnish a new home we take measurements and choose a theme or color. To change jobs we must weigh the schedule, pay, benefits, etc. Yet we tend do most of life and the decisions we make by going through the motions, not with any real intention or purpose. We just make decisions from one of two lanes. The first from limiting beliefs, control, fear, or ego—what we should do because it is expected of us. Or the other lane from our place of power, of knowing our strengths, our unique gifts,  and of our vision and mission. Where are you making your decisions from? For me, I have defined what it looks like when I am in a place of limiting beliefs or in fear. In these times I do not do anything important; I chill and only work on getting myself out of that lane.

So to create a map of myself took 3 years. I want to save you some serious time, therapy bills, etc.

Basically I encourage you to start by taking some assessments. I encourage DiSC®, which you can purchase in the store on my website, Also take and read about Enneagram, Strengthfinders, Myers Briggs, and APEX. We all have individual strengths, ways we process information, how we prioritize our energy, etc. It is my opinion that when we know these things about ourselves we can change the way we live on this planet and how to leverage who we are for the very highest and best use of who we are.

What I learned is how I process info, why I get up each day, and how I prioritize my energy and focus. I learned my strengths. I decided to focus my energy and make all decisions through this map. Asking myself questions like, “Does this align with my values, will this move my vision forward, does this allow me to use my strengths?" it became clear that my weaknesses were unimportant when I focused on what I was good at. I stopped running away from and started running toward. I was self-conscious in an industry full of outgoing party-loving extroverts; I was a shy introvert that hated networking. I beat myself up and tried to fix my flaw. I took courses, read books, practiced small talk, etc. When I learned my strengths, confidence wasn’t a problem when I was using learner and relator. I now choose to seek out people in a room and learn all I can about them and relate on a deeper level as soon as I can. I work on having 1–2 meaningful interactions that fill me up versus making sure I make small talk and exchange business cards with a minimum of 20 people. Neither strategy is right or wrong, but I run toward how I can use my strengths now that I know what they are rather than focusing on what I am not good at, which doesn’t serve my purpose on this planet.

Have you seen the movie about how women describe themselves versus how others describe them to a police sketch artist that draws both versions. Google “Dove real beauty sketches.” It is a poignant example of how hard on ourselves we are. It is my opinion when you get to know yourself, you can love yourself. Loving yourself is the very best way to live an exceptional life with purpose and passion.


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