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Here's a few words from keynote attendees describing the impact Dawn's teachings had on them: "Informative with a lot of information to digest. It can immediately be put into action, great info."

Dawn Abbott, founder of Be Exceptional, is ready and eager to help take your next event, conference, or meeting to a new level. Dawn brings her passion of living an exceptional life at home and in the workplace to your team or group with relevant and dynamic keynotes. Through the sharing of her life and business experiences, Dawn offers attendees valuable lessons for making lasting positive change. She will work with you to customize the message that will serve as inspiration to enliven and encourage audience members to be their very best selves, both personally and professionally.

Exceptional Keynotes

A whole is only as strong and successful as its parts. Dawn’s keynotes focus on building up individuals and leaders in order to maximize the potential of your organization.

Dawn’s signature keynotes are outlined below, but remember, Dawn can work with you to customize the message specifically for your audience.


Be Exceptional Keynote

In this signature keynote, Dawn captures the audience with her triumphant story of transforming her life from one of surviving to one of thriving. She takes the audience through an emotional lifeline where she learned some crucial lessons the hard way. The lessons she learned are the fruit of some painful roots. These lessons can change a person’s life. With some easy tactical changes, anyone’s life can improve in one day and he or she can begin a journey of exceptional living.

Book Dawn to be your opening or closing keynote speaker and lead your group, your organization, or your company to great new heights. She is raw, real, humorous, and honest about her journey. Above all, she passionately ensures that every audience member walks away with gratitude, understanding, and a desire to live more exceptionally.


Strategic Habits for Exceptional Business Keynote

Dawn’s mission with this keynote address is to help prevent common struggles for small business owners. Dawn will walk you through the transformation in her business and life that allows her to earn more than she ever has and work less than most people. This presentation provides the tactical and strategic habits to create a business that is mature and scalable for growth.

There are three big ideas in this presentation. The first encourages you to assess your business and determine if you are making or are about to make any of the mistakes typically made in small business. The next teaches how to put the basic systems in place to create a business that gives you the lifestyle you deserve: your vision, mission, values, culture, strategic plan, processes, procedures, priorities, data, niche, goals, and action plan. You’ll also gain insight into assembling a great team. Lastly, Dawn inspires leaders to make the one major shift that changes the game: the mind set shift. Through her life and business experience she will help you identify what is most important and inspire you to live an exceptional life on purpose.


Exceptional Teams Keynote

This keynote delivers the blueprint for creating the culture of your success as a team. This presentation goes through all of the strategies for hiring, managing, and getting your team members in the right seats rowing in the right direction.



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Who are you, and who were you created to become?

We tend to live most of life and make decisions by simply going through the motions, without any real intention or purpose.
I’m inviting you to do life differently. To do life exceptionally. I invite you on a journey. A journey of self-discovery and personal growth, into ever-increasing authenticity and self-love.

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“Informative with a lot of information to digest. It can immediately be put into action, great info”

Alex Gorriaran

"Emotional, simplicty of diagnosing issues and identifying solutions"

Amanda Milano

“Informative, Educational. Attention grabbing.”

Donna DeFrancesco

"Funny, engaging, personal, uplifting"

Kate Edwards

“Her story is inspirational and makes you want to dig deeper into your own story.”

Lisa Bryant

“Eye-opening, truthful, un-apologetic.”

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